Accident Reconstruction

Our experts gather and analyse the forensic evidence surrounding an accident and provide a comprehensive reconstruction of what occurred.

It is the job of an accident investigator to piece together the known facts and work backwards to determine the most likely cause of the collision. Mechanical failure is rare these days so normally the investigation reveals one (occasionally both) of the drivers was at fault. Whilst we will peruse the driver’s statements or claim forms, as Expert Witnesses we will only present actual evidence rather than a driver’s hearsay evidence.

So, where do we start?

The ideal starting point is a closed scene where we can access the vehicles and collect data such as the distance the vehicles have moved from the point of impact, road surface types, lines of sight and fully measure and photograph the scene.  Vehicles are often moved from the scene to allow traffic movement to continue and disputes tend to arise days or weeks later when the drivers have had time to reflect upon the accident. Therefore the typical starting point is a thorough examination of the vehicles involved.


How does our Accident Reconstruction help your case?

The engineer will prepare a report detailing their findings and in the vast majority of cases provide a clear conclusion. Often this will focus on the salient points raised in the case. For example, in a criminal case the focus may be on the speed of the impact to determine whether the driver was speeding. In a civil case the insurer or solicitor may wish to determine where liability for the accident lies.

Once the report is submitted, it can be challenged by the opposing side and questions can be posed to the engineer. Often experts from both sides are asked to meet in an attempt to discuss the case. They will attempt to narrow their issues and provide a joint report outlining their areas of agreement and disagreement. Ultimately the case may be heard in Court and the engineer must provide oral evidence to support his report and assist the Courts with their expert knowledge.

We visit and measure the locus, examine the vehicles, examine the Police reports, peruse witness statements and collate all other available facts to build up a picture of the incident. We will gladly review reconstruction carried out by other parties, including the Police, and advise accordingly.

Typical reconstruction reports will seek to establish the pre-accident velocities of the vehicles involved, the movements of the vehicle pre and post collision, collision speeds, Delta V, times involved and ultimately establish fault.

A three dimensional reconstruction can also be requested which brings to life in seconds and minutes what an expert may take hours to explain in Court. This is available following data analysis from an accident.

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